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Experienced & Affordable DuPage County Divorce & Family Lawyers

At Serritella Law, our DuPage County divorce & family lawyers are committed to providing exceptional, affordable legal services in Family Law, Estate Planning, Business & Property Tax Appeals. We believe affordable legal services should be available to everyone and easily obtained to help you accomplish your legal goals.

Affordable Divorce & Family Lawyers in DuPage County

Affordable Divorce lawyers in DuPage County

The divorce and family lawyers at Serritella Law are committed to helping DuPage County families resolve often difficult family matters involving divorce, child custody, parenting time and asset division. Divorce matters are often difficult and emotional times for all parties involved and we defend you in your family matter while protecting your and your family's interests.

Many people unfortunately put their family law needs on hold due to the high cost of legal services. We believe money should never be a barrier to accomplishing your legal goals and everyone in DuPage County has a right to experienced, efficient and affordable legal services.

Contact our experienced and affordable DuPage County divorce and family lawyers to quickly, efficiently and affordably accomplish your family legal goals. We fight for you, your family and your interests to come to a favorable conclusion to your family or divorce matter.

Divorce Services in DuPage County

If you're considering a divorce or legal separation in DuPage County, you need to understand your options and the issues that will be involved in your potential divorce. These issues potentially include child custody & support, parenting time, spousal maintenance, college expenses and property division.

These factors can often increase the length of a DuPage County divorce matter, however there are ways to reduce costs and potentially the length of a divorce by agreeing to the issues of a divorce outside of court. Negotiations on these issues with the other party outside of court can also prevent often harsh and emotional elements that often emotionally harm one or both of the parties.

Our experienced and affordable DuPage County divorce lawyers b understand these matters and work with you and the opposing party to ensure the factors pertaining to your divorce are handled efficiently and affordably while reducing additional emotional and monetary costs.

Child Custody & Parenting Time in DuPage County

One of the most contentious issues during any DuPage County divorce proceeding involves custody of children and the awarding of child custody and parenting time. Our DuPage County child custody attorneys have extensive experience defending parenting time and child custody rights including child custody and visitation rights.

We ensure that your parental rights are paramount and defend parental and visitation judgments so that children involved have equal access to both parents while defending court orders. If you're a parent who is experiencing visitation violations from the other parent, contact us today to learn how we can immediately assist you in seeing your children. We protect visitation, parenting time and ensure parents have equal time with their children.

Affordable DuPage County Divorce Lawyers

Asset Division & Spousal Maintenance

During DuPage County divorce, courts attempt to put both parties in as close to an equal position as both were prior to their marriage. Contention between parties can occur when dividing property, assets and the awarding of spousal maintenance.

Asset division and spousal maintenance are marital issues that have the potential to be settled between the parties outside of the courtroom, helping to ease the monetary and emotional burden of your divorce. This often takes much less time, money , aggravation and allow you to move on with you and your family's life sooner.

Filing a Paternity Claim in DuPage County

Our DuPage County paternity lawyers quickly and efficiently help you file, respond and defend against paternity claims and protect your rights throughout the process.

If you are looking to start or respond to a paternity claim in DuPage County, contact our paternity lawyers today for a free consultation to learn about your rights.

Modifications to DuPage County Family Orders

Once DuPage County family matters are completed, circumstances may change that affect the terms of your agreements or the safety of your children. Changing or modification of these agreements could be due to things such as the changing of income of a party paying child support, issues with parenting time or visitation or unfortunately, malicious events such as abuse taking place in the household.

There can be a number of factors including a substantial change in income of one party, the wishes of children involved or if the other party has been convicted of a crime. If you or if a child you know of is experienced abuse in the home contact DCFS to report it and then contact us for a free consultation to learn how our experienced and efficient DuPage County family law attorneys have experience in every family law legal matter and defend your family's rights.

Free DuPage County Divorce & Family Law Consultations

Contact our experienced and affordable DuPage County divorce and family lawyers at 708-299-5827 or email us today for a free consultation on your family or divorce legal matter. We fight for your you and your family's rights while ensuring the best possible outcome for your divorce or other family matter.

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