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Experienced & Affordable Bolingbrook Child Support Lawyers

Our Bolingbrook child support lawyers quickly and affordably help you start, calculate, modify or end child support in Bolingbrook and ensure expenses are correct and include factors such as college expenses to ensure fair terms and preserve your family rights. Contact our Bolingbrook child support attorneys for a free consultation today.

Affordable Child Support Lawyers in Bolingbrook

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The attorneys at Serritella Law know that every family matter has an impact on all the parties involved, particularly those involving children.

Our Bolingbrook child support lawyers help the experienced to affordably negotiate, calculate, update and implement child support orders and payments.

We help you quickly, efficiently and affordably start child support matters in Bolingbrook while protecting your rights, and your family.

Starting a Child Support Matter in Bolingbrook

Children should have the full support of both parents. We quickly initiate your Bolingbrook child support matter in order for you to get access to support your children faster.

If you're about to have a child and you're unmarried and seeking child support, you may need to have a paternity test before Bolingbrook child support courts award child support.

These Paternity legal matters can be a stressful time for all parties involved and our Bolingbrook paternity lawyers help you begin, respond, and defend paternity matters in Bolingbrook and throughout Will County that will protect your rights and the rights of your children.

Responding to a Child Support Claim in Bolingbrook

Whether you've received an order to appear in court for child support, you anticipate another party starting one or would like to start one yourself, you need to prepare quickly to respond and understand what potential obligations to expect.

Our experienced & affordable Bolingbrook child support lawyers work with you to get the facts and accurately calculate child support payments that will help prepare you for your Bolingbrook child custody matter.

New Illinois child support laws now factor both parents income into child support calculations, these calculations equally distribute payment obligations more fairly for low-income households. Contact our Bolingbrook child support lawyers for a free consultation to learn your options and understand what to expect during your child support matter.

Modifying & Updating Child Support Payments in Bolingbrook

We're currently in unprecedented times where many people have either lost their primary sources of income or have become underemployed. If you've had a substantial change in income, it's very likely that your child support payments will be recalculated to reflect your new income.

If you've experienced a change in income and want to learn how you can modify your child support payment, contact our Bolingbrook child support lawyers for a free consultation to learn how we can help you.

Free Bolingbrook Child Support Consultations

Contact our experienced and affordable Bolingbrook child support lawyers at 708-299-5827 or email us today for a free paternity or child support consultation on your family legal matter. We're affordable, efficient and fight for you and your family's rights while ensuring the best possible outcome for your child support matter.

Affordable Bolingbrook Child Support Lawyers
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Affordable Bolingbrook Child Support Lawyers

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Affordable Child Support Lawyers in Bolingbrook
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